‘The Lord is my portion’

By Debby J Lamentations 3:19-20 “Remember my affliction and roaming, the wormwood and gall. My soul still remembers and sinks within me.” For weeks I felt trapped within my own mind. I knew suicide was not the answer and was not honoring to the Lord. I kept asking the Lord to heal my mind but... Continue Reading →

Simple But Powerful Lessons

By Tolulope I   The Summer Medical Institute (SMI Philly 2020) is over and here I am reminiscing on the experiences I gained throughout the course of the program. The image of paintings on the wall of the conference room where I worked still lingers in my memory. It was of keen interest to me... Continue Reading →

Supporting Health Care During the Pandemic

By Katie V   The COVID-19 pandemic caused the Philadelphia Summer Medical Institute (SMI) to be different this year. Instead of going door-to-door to provide health screenings, we worked with Esperanza Health Center (EHC) to complete some clerical and administrative tasks. My team completed social determinants of health (SDOH) surveys for patients at EHC for... Continue Reading →

The Gift of Hope

Top row, left to right: Elizabeth Centurión, Larissa Dean, Tiffany Wang, Jessica Bedele; Bottom row, left to right: Abby Weems, Juliana Bonilla, Nadine Kamel, Sosela Rrusho   I have no words for describing how grateful I am for being part of this huge opportunity. This blog is not enough to express all the emotions that... Continue Reading →

SHADOWing in the LIGHT

Hi everyone! My name is Kai Inguito, and I’m a rising second year medical student at Jefferson. I just want to share the following three paragraphs about my time SHADOWing at SMI. One of my interests in medicine is to become a primary care physician who works and lives in the community. Furthermore, I am... Continue Reading →

A Paradoxical Beauty

In the two weeks that I have spent living and serving in North Philly, I have been so deeply blessed and yet deeply challenged as well.   Our medical team has already spent many hours in Kensington and the surrounding area knocking on doors and meeting people on the street, providing both health screens and,... Continue Reading →

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