SMI Philly 2019
June 22-July 13, 2019

The Philadelphia Summer Medical Institute (SMI Philly) application will be available here December 1, 2018. *Note: application cannot be completed in one sitting (it cannot be saved and returned to), but short answer questions can be copied from an external document.
Description: During this unique three-week, urban immersion program, Christian health professions students learn to address health needs of the largely low-income, urban community in Hispanic North Philadelphia and integrate their faith and the medical practice. Through service to the community, students are discipled, develop their relationship with God and examine their role as Christians in healthcare. The program partners with Esperanza Health Center, a Christian, federally qualified low-income health center with three locations in North Philadelphia (www.esperanzahealthcenter.org). Students from all levels are welcome.


SMI Philadelphia offers:

Students live and work together in the dense urban environment, daily providing door-to-door health screens for diabetes and blood pressure, as well as providing information about HIV, asthma and nutrition while sharing the love of Christ through conversation and prayer with those they meet. Students will learn first-hand the impact of social, cultural, spiritual, and economic factors on health.

Small group Bible study, daily debriefing, twice-weekly teaching on biblical foundations, and daily prayer and worship are integrated throughout the program. Through this, students are able to develop their relationship with God and begin to process and respond to the issues they encounter.

Students can each shadow health care providers at Esperanza and observe an effective model of Christian primary care. Third and fourth year medical students may participate in SMI as an academic rotation, pending school approval and availability.

Christian clinicians from all fields volunteer to work alongside the students during the outreaches, as well as share meals and even some downtime activities. They will also teach students on topics relevant to medical practitioners during orientation, breakout teaching sessions (“Institute Days”), and the final “Return Training.”

Participants live together, learn collectively and work in partnership with area churches, attending neighborhood churches each Sunday. The churches also provide local bilingual interpreters who work daily with the teams. Throughout SMI, students come to know people in the community by meeting them in the churches, in their homes, in the clinic, and on the streets.

Students are asked to either contribute or support-raise $1,400 to help cover program expenses, although much help and information is provided in the support raising process. The student application deadline is March 16, 2019. If you’re a healthcare student (graduate level or undergrad/upperclassman health professions major), please email the SMI director at smiphilly@gmail.com. Also visit the primary website mcophilly.org/smi-philadelphia/ for information and applications.

History of the Summer Medical Institute
The Summer Medical Institute (SMI) originally started in Philadelphia in 1992, again as a partnership of Esperanza Health Center (EHC) and Medical Campus Outreach (MCO). In 2002, the program was moved to an underserved area in Texas. In 2010 EHC and MCO brought the SMI back to Philadelphia, and the program has resulted in the creation of more than 13 other SMI-like programs that have been started throughout the United States and around the world.

For more information, email smiphilly@gmail.com , visit Esperanza online, or see photos and read the student  wordpress blog